Saturday, September 17, 2011

Revisiting the Beartooth Highway

If there’s one place that we recommend everyone see, it’s the Beartooth All-American Road.  Starting just outside the Northeast gate to Yellowstone, it winds it’s way for 67 miles before descending into Red Lodge, Montana.  We started our visit from Cody, entering the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, a beautiful drive through the Absaroka Mountains.  Following the road over Dead Indian Pass, we stopped at Sunlight Creek Bridge for a quick look, then continued on to the road’s end at the Beartooth Highway.  In the distance, the almost-perfect granite chisel of  Pilot Peak dominated the skyline.  This time of year, there wasn’t much snow in the Beartooth Mountains, which made for an easy drive.  In trying to describe our Chief Joseph/Beartooth trip, words just can’t do it justice, but perhaps the pictures will give you an idea of what we saw.  So take a look, and don’t forget to click on the pictures to give you the expanded view:
Chief Joseph Highway View
Chief Joseph Highway View2
Chief Joseph Overlook
Chief Joseph Stream
Pilot Peak
Beartooth Butterfly
Beartooth Hwy Panorama
Beartooth Highway
Beartooth Highway2
We’ve got more to share – c’mon back & see!


  1. Wow, your post brought back some great memories. We've done the same loop, though we started in Red Lodge. It is such spectacular scenery, and your photos did a great job of capturing it. Nice weather!

  2. Anonymous1:22 AM

    We also did the loop. Spectacular drive. Whew so high in the Montana sky. Keep blogging so we can relive our adventures. Margie & Tom