Tuesday, January 21, 2020

2019 - The Year in Review

2019 marked our 14th year on the road.  It was another memorable year, starting at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge just outside of Las Vegas.  

Our Site
We spent January and February there, and although it was a beautiful place with great people, the weather was miserable.  Snow, howling wind, cold temperatures, howling wind, and even more howling wind.  We acted as caretakers during the government shutdown, greeted visitors, and managed a few trips into the back country.  With over 1.5 million acres of desert, mountains, and forest there was plenty to explore.

Crocodile Ridge

Peek-A-Boo Canyon
Spring Mountains View From Our Site
Leaving Las Vegas, we drove west into California, then north along I-5 for a return trip to Bandon, our favorite stop on the Oregon Coast.  We stayed there until early May when we made our way back to Farragut State Park to spend the summer as the program hosts.  Farragut has become our park of choice; the best host sites, host coordinator, and fellow hosts of any park we've been to over the years.  We had a great time leading school hikes, teaching junior ranger classes, and putting on programs for campers on the weekends.  

Moose Day at Junior Rangers Station

School Hike

Making Sailor Hats

Program Amphitheater

We Farragut in late September, and had planned to visit friends in Montana and then explore Idaho's Sawtooth Range.  But weather didn't cooperate, and to avoid the cold and snow we headed instead to the Tri-Cities are of Southern Washington.  There, we enjoyed a week exploring hop fields and small towns.

Hop Frames
Toppinish Wall Murals

Leaving the Tri-Cites, we headed for Pendleton, Oregon from where we could visit the town of Joseph and the Wallowa Mountains.  We'd never been, and were so impressed with the beauty of the area that we promised ourselves we'd make a return trip.

Chief Joseph Grave

Wallowa Lake

Joseph, OR
After a quick visit to Boise, we headed west across Oregon to have some work done on our motor home in the Medford area.  Our trip took across the high desert and stop in Bend, then over the mountains and down into the I-5 corridor where fall colors were still evident.

Near Crater Lake

Rogue River State Park

Finally, we were back in Bandon, in time for our annual medical and dental appointments.  The beauty of the coast here never fails to amaze us, and on the cold days we can sit in our favorite restaurant and comfortably enjoy the view.

We'll be starting our 2020 travels soon, so check back with us to see what we're up to!  Remember, you can always contact us if you'd like more information on a location that we've visited - we're happy to help!