Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Sad Time for the RV Community

We in the full time community are a unique group.  Besides our lifestyle of abandoning the traditional stick and brick house, loading all of our possessions into a wheeled vehicle, and hitting the road, our “community” is made up of friends everywhere across the country, held together by our Blogs.  Find any full-timers blog, look for the “Followers” list, and click on any one of the icons.  You’ll almost always be taken to another full-timer’s blog, DSCF1491with another list of followers, and if you keep at it, you’ll discover how large our community really is.  On Saturday, our community suffered a tragic and unexpected loss.  Bruce and Margie Mallin, of “Bruce and Margie’s Full Time Journey” were taking a morning walk when a despondent young man, bent on committing suicide by crashing his car into his ex-girlfriends restaurant, stuck and killed them (news article).  Most of us in the DSCF1487 community are of the age when we think about our mortality each time we get another ache or pain, but none of us can conceive of our lives ending this way.  Horrible events like this aren't supposed to happen to people we know.  Like most of our community, we never met Bruce and Margie, but we knew them well through their blog.  Unlike ours, their blog was an almost daily account of their activities, thoughts, and family, and we grew to know them well.  Our thoughts go out to their family with a hope they’ll understand that there are so many of us who never met Bruce and Margie, but knew them and will miss them dearly.
















  1. Well said, they will be sadly missed.
    It's hard to grasp what happened still. It just doesn't seem real. Like a bad dream.

    We may be a large community, but we are tight knit, and are bonded with one thread.

  2. very well stated..there is a huge hole in the blogging community..they will be missed!

  3. Well said. We miss our friends so much.

  4. Tragic lost for all who will never meet them.

  5. Nicely stated! Mike and I are still stunned by this horrible tragedy. We will certainly miss Margie's blog and her sweet comments. There is a void....

    Take care!