Friday, June 30, 2006

We Go Camping!

As strange as it may seem for a damn-near perfect couple who live full time in a motorhome, we decided that after two months of the same view through the windshield that it was time to go "camping" at a local lake's campground. Besides, our pad here at the refuge is in the wide open spaces, and we both thought that being under the trees would be nice for a change. to Lake Como! The lake, located about 30 miles south of us, was created in the early 1900's to supply irrigation water to the valley, and was named for it's resemblance to the lake in Italy. The lake was key to a local land scheme that included digging an irrigation canal through the valley (known today as the "big ditch"), subdividing the land into 5-acre parcels, and then selling the land to folks back east as apple orchards that would "allow a comfortable retirement location and income". Unfortunately, those who took the bait and bought their orchards found that by the time an apple was shipped to a viable market it cost the buyer $12. Although the project failed, the lake and ditch remain today, and the lake is a major attraction for water skiers and fisherman. The campground is beautiful; a paved road leads to the area below the dam (yes, we remember Johnstown), and into an area of tall pines and paved RV sites with electric and water hookups. We arrived early on a Monday to get a prime site right next to a rushing stream.Everything was perfect - the weather was in the mid 70's, the site was beautiful, and we slept at night with the sound of rushing water . We spent three days enjoying the area; a 7-mile trail around the lake was well maintained and gave us some great views (no, we didn't make the full 7 miles). Wildflowers were blooming everywhere and an interesting tree root studded with rocks caught our attention. We also drove the back roads in the Jeep exploring and looking for wildlife but alas, Brenda is still waiting for her first moose sighting, although we saw Mule deer and Elk. We cooked breakfast outside each morning.......that's late morning, and each night we relaxed around a fire while I watched Brenda prepare her favorite campfire treat, incinerated marshmellows. But eventually we had to pack up and head back to the refuge, well rested and ready for our gruelling 2-day a week work schedule. Thanks for tuning in - keep in touch!

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