Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Good Time in the Bad Lands

We’re back to posting about our travels, but first I’d like to thank all of you for the comments.  Sometimes it’s fun to describe the loony things that happen to us as we travel along.  By the way, I’m still depressed over being told by the cashier; “Oh, YOU’RE the one”.  But on to our travels:Badlands Panorama1
South Dakota is an amazing state.  If you haven’t been here, you probably think of South Dakota as endless prairies, the place where the bikers congregate, and the Black Hills.  But it’s a lot more – from the Eastern rivers, lakes, and farms, the central “great” lakes area, and just east of the Black Hills, the Badlands National Park. Turning south off I-90 just east of Wall (just how many billboards can one store have, anyway?), the area quickly changes from rolling grasslands into something that looks like another planet – in fact, science fiction movies like “Starship Troopers” were filmed here because the landscape is often alien-looking.  Some areas are full of rocky spires, some of wind-carved sculptures, some pink, others red….it’s an amazing area that changes as you come around each turn in the road.  Badlands View6
For almost 30 miles, the park road winds it’s way through the rocks.  There are numerous viewpoints to stop at, hiking trails, and an informative visitor center.  It was a hot day when we visited, and if it’s hot in South Dakota, it’s really hot in the Badlands.  So, no hiking for us, just stops to admire the scenery.  Here’s some of the views along the road:
Badlands View3
Badlands View10Badlands View5
Badlands View9
Badlands View11
Black Hills Panorama2
Exiting the Badlands, we passed through the town of Scenic, which has been in the news since the entire town (population 8) is up for sale.  The 12-acre town and all the buildings are priced at $799,000, and after seeing the place, we can tell you that it’s waaaay overpriced!  Calling this place “Scenic” is just a bit of a stretch!
We’re winding down our stay here in the Black Hills, but we’ve still got a few places to see, so check back – you never know when I’ll have another “dining adventure”!


  1. We first visited SD pre RVing days. Then we were there again last year just for 3 days when we got out SD drivers licenses.

    We will be going back for extended visits. Yup, we've been hearing about the heat. Keep cool and enjoy!

  2. BennRoll'in8:56 PM

    I just jumped over here from the Escapees Forum and love the pics you posted from S.D. We can't wait to travel there. Hope you don't mind if we follow your travels.

  3. Great pics KK. Brings back memories we are anxious to refresh.

  4. Overpriced, much indeed