Monday, May 16, 2011

Well, It’s Not the Rolling Stone, But

It’s a magazine cover….and it’s MY picture!  And at my age, it’s as close to becoming a Rock Star as I could hope for.  Escapees CoverThe cover picture was taken a few summers ago on a visit back to the Bitterroot Valley to visit friends we made while volunteering at the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge.  Descending into the valley from Lost Trail Pass, the road leveled out adjacent to Trapper Peak, a picturesque snow-covered peak in the Bitterroot range.  The green grass, blue sky, and beautiful mountain view begged for a picture, so I pulled over and took this shot.  Here’s the original before cropping:MH & Trapper Peak
Having a picture published on the Escapees cover is a special treat for us.  Not just because it’s the full-time RVer’s most popular magazine, but because people who identify themselves as “Escapees” are a special group.  We belong to a number of RV clubs;  Family Motor Coach Association, Good Sam, Winnebago/Itasca Travelers – and there are friendly people in all of them.  But we’ve never met an Escapee who wasn’t quick to smile, shake your hand, or share a hug.  There’s a kinship among Escapees uncommon to any other club, perhaps because most of us are full-timers, and happy in our lives.  But there’s more to the Escapees; parks that provide members permanent sites as well as short stays, a great mail service, discounts at campgrounds, and other services.  But the one thing that sets the Escapees Club apart is the Care Center, a facility that answers the question “What happens to full-time RVers when they cannot take care of their own or their spouse's needs following an illness, injury, surgery, or the progression of a long-term health situation?”  Located at the “home” park in Livingston Texas, this amazing facility provides an amazing level of care at a price well below any assisted living facility, largely because of fellow Escapees who volunteer to help.  For so many who are faced with no longer being able to travel but who want to remain within the RV community, CARE provides the answer.  It’s worth being a member just to be able to support this great facility.  You can learn more about the CARE Center here.
We’ve arrived at our summer home, the D.C. Booth Historic Fish Hatchery, where we’ll be volunteering as interpretive hosts.  The US Fish & Wildlife, which manages the hatchery, provides volunteers with ten RV sites in Spearfish City Park, a beautiful park right across from the entrance.  Each site is paved, with full hookups, shade trees, grass, and Spearfish Creek, which runs behind the sites, is stocked with trout.  It’s promising to be a great summer, although the weather on our arrival was juuust a bit cool and wet.Spearfish
Black Hills SnowA Drive into the Black Hills above Spearfish took us from a spring snowstorm into a winter wonderland.  This is May?  At least the road signs are marked for the preferred mode of transportation when it’s snowing!
Spearfish Canyon SnowThe drive through Spearfish Canyon is breathtaking; lots of curves, tall pines, sandstone cliffs, and a roaring stream.  We’re looking forward to spending more time exploring here, so stop back and see what we’ve been up to!Shared Road Sign


  1. Congratulations on your cover shot, great photo!!

  2. WHOO-HOO!!! Congrats on the cover...great photo!

  3. congrats on the cover shot!! are the star!!!

  4. Wow! Thanks everyone - it's like having my own set of "groupies"! Seriously though, I appreciate the nice words, as you all know, a good photo is 1% skill, 99% luck!