Monday, January 17, 2011

Project for a Rainy Day

Sometimes people ask us “just what do you do with all of your time?” thinking that just because we’re retired and living in a motor home that we don’t have anything to do.  Kitchen - BeforeBut the reality is that we’re home owners, and our home needs repairs, updates and improvements just like any other.  So, with a couple of rainy days in the forecast, I decided to take on a project that Brenda’s wanted for a while – a tile backsplash for the kitchen area.  After browsing at Lowe’s, we finally found a laminate tile that looked like ceramic, and best of all it was “peel & stick”.  Tile Without GroutThe first step was figuring out how the tiles would be placed to alternate between the plain tiles and those with a design.  After that,it was just a matter of peeling & sticking, using an piece of 1/4 scrap wood to separate the tiles for the grout.  This part wasn’t particularly difficult, except the bending and stretching to reach the area behind the cooktop.   I’d considered using decorative molding stained to match the woodwork to provide a frame, but after trying a piece we decided it was too much. 

Finished ProductAfter all the tile was in place, it was time for the grout.  I bought pre-mixed and colored grout, and although I’d never “grouted” before, it wasn’t too difficult, just messy and time consuming.  But the difference was worth it; the tiles look great!  We’re really happy we did it – total cost was around $50 and it took about three hours.  Finished Kitchen


This project adds to a number of improvements we’ve made.  We previously  replaced all of the day/night shades with custom wood mini-New Year's Dinnerblinds, and last year replaced the table and chairs with a buffet or server.  It has a hinged top that creates a “counter’ for us to pull up our stools, and we can enjoy our meal sitting side-by-side, looking straight out the window.  As a bonus, it has lots of storage that we were lacking with the table.  We found ours at the Oak Express (but it isn’t oak).  Another myth we’d like to dispel is that you can’t set a beautiful table in an RV.  This picture is of Brenda’s New Year’s dinner with traditional Czech-style pork roast, potato dumplings, and sauerkraut with caraway seed. 


  1. Lol...ok..what's going across the top of the cabinets? Love to know about the remodel. I could do that.

  2. nice work on your tile job!!..way to go!!