Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We’re Still Here!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – sorry, we’ve been busy with spring cleaning and travel preparation and really haven’t done anything all that interesting. Brenda’s been visiting her mom back in Ohio, but before leaving gave me a written list of things to do, including the item “talk to the cat”. Notice that she didn’t say “yell” or “swear at”. Darn.

Kayaker On RiverIt’s been an interesting time here on the river. This is the first year since we’ve been coming here that Canyon Lake is full and that the dam is releasing a normal flow of water. It’s amazing; the placid Guadalupe River has turned into a raging torrent, and the area in front of our motorhome, which was a quiet waterfall, is now a roaring series of rapids. This weekend was the first week of Spring Break for the area colleges, and the 70+ degree weather and the fear of going to Mexico has resulted in the park being packed with young people, tents, and a desire to float the river. It’s been interesting to watch; there are kayakers with helmets and life jackets, rafters without Toobers helmets but with life jackets, and the college students on tubes, no helmets, life jackets, or common sense - but a large enough supply of beer to float to the Gulf of Mexico. The typical group would come floating down the river towards the rapids, happily drinking beer, then the girls would start screaming as they entered the rapids. After that, it would be a foam-clouded scene of flying legs, upturned tubes, and a River Wipe Outdebris field about the size of the Titanic’s. Somehow everyone survived, at least this week. But, next week is supposed to be an even bigger week, so we’re looking forward to the entertainment.

We’ll be leaving in a week to start our trip to Oregon for the summer. We’ll be spending a couple of days in the Rapid City area to renew our Driver’s Licenses and visit the Ellsworth AFB commissary before continuing on. There should be some interesting things to see on the way, so don’t forget to check back and see how we’re doing!


  1. Loved the tubing "before and after" photos! The weather must have warmed considerable since we were there. We're in NW Florida, where the sun is out and the weather approaching 70, with a breeze. Since it is spring break, kids have to be dressed in swim suits regardless of the temperature. It's hell being young!

  2. Great post. We sit and watch tubers, also. Thinking, "man, remember when we were that dumb?" Have fun in Oregon!