Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Staying Cool in Huaco Springs

We’ve haven’t done much interesting in the way of exploring since the last post, it’s still dreary and cool bordering on cold here. Huaco Spring But we’re not complaining, considering the horrible weather that almost everyone in the country is experiencing. The amount of rain here this spring has been amazing; we have a large spring here in the park that we didn’t know existed until this year. The spring bubbles up just a short distance from where we’re parked, and creates a fairly large, fast-running stream that flows into the river.

We did take a trip to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, a near 400-mile round trip and a disappointing day. The weather, although forecast to be partly cloudy and warm, turned out to be cloudy, windy, and cold. Aransas is a large refuge right on the coast, and with the shoreline and a large number of fresh-water ponds, usually hold a large number of shorebirds, ducks, and animals. On this day, however, it was barren of any wildlife except for a few birds and the ever-present American Coots. Aransas is the winter home of most of the population of Whooping Cranes, but to see them even if they were present required either a boat trip or a climb to a viewing tower, neither of which we were willing to do in the cold wind.

Riverview1 We’ve moved to a better site at the park; it’s more level, in a quiet location, but best of all has a great view of the river rapids. The new site is a great place to sit outside and listen to the water rushing and watch Osprey and Great Heron as they hunt for food. Even though the trees are leafless and the grass is brown, it’s still a beautiful place, and the view through the windshield is wonderful. BBrenda Wavingrenda enjoys sitting outside and reading her cooking magazines, and although engrossed, took the time to wave enthusiastically for the camera in this picture.

In the continual search to make our RV a home, we decided to replace the dining table and chairsBuffet with this “server” that we found at Oak Express. It gives us needed storage, and the top folds down to form a countertop for eating. A couple of folding stools rounds out the set. We’re very happy with it!

Sorry that our blog hasn’t been very entertaining, this is the time of year where we’re resting up, cleaning up, and getting ready for the summer. If I did a blog every day, it would be pretty boring – up at the crack of dawn (8:00), coffee and browsing on-line newspapers – think about what to have for lunch – eat lunch – nap – think about what to have for dinner…….well, you get the picture. But, we’ve got some things to see and do in the coming weeks, so please come back and check us out!


  1. Any plans for Fredricksburg, Wimberly market days, or Pedernales state park? All great day trips.

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