Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This will be a short post; we've been busy with housekeeping tasks and haven't done much exploring. As you can see, Fanny is dressed in her Thanksgiving finery, and will soon be donning her Christmas outfit. Brenda and I hope you all had a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday, and remember, it only takes a 20 mile brisk walk to burn the calories of a typical Thanksgiving dinner!
We spent the day with old friends Tom and Janet, and Tom's brother Vance. It was a great day with memorable food, followed by one of Brenda's famous cheesecakes (pumpkin pecan), and a chocolate torte. Unfortunately, I'm about 19 1/2 miles short of burning up all of the calories.
We've decided to spend another month here at Huaco Springs instead of moving to Blanco State Park, since this is closer to friends and the activities in San Antonio. We'll be here until the December 28th, then find a place for a few days before moving to Blanco. One place we're considering is McKinney Falls State Park near Austin. We visited there last week and were impressed by the beauty of the area and the facilities in the park. While there, we met two other Escapees couples who were finishing up their two-month workamper stint. We enjoyed comparing notes on places we've been and people we've worked with. As we always find out, it's a small world among the full time community.
We'll be out and about next week, check back and see where we've been!

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