Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Daughter's Wedding

On May 4th, our daughter Kim was married to Bill Lobig in a wonderful ceremony at the Marriott Beach Resort in Newport Beach, California. Lots and lots of planning went into the big day, and it paid off with a flawless ceremony and reception, thanks in large part to the expert wedding planners at the Marriott - Thanks Tammy, Marcia, and Lilli! We endured shopping for the correct attire, picking out flowers, selecting the cake, tasting the dinner menu, pedicures and manicures, (Brenda only!) haircuts......and lots of trauma driving "the 5" in Southern California. The rehearsal and following dinner at the Cheesecake Factory was a great way to meet the members of Bill's family and Kim and Bill's friends. Bill's dad Paul, and his wife Peggy were fabulous hosts and everyone had a great time. Finally, the big moment arrived at 6:30 in the evening on Friday when everything came together. Although the weather was a bit cool, the outdoor ceremony, with the ocean in the background, was joyous and truly memorable. I, of course, did my best to keep the bridesmaids warm by holding them close & blocking out the cool breeze (Brenda wasn't fooled). Kim's good friend Trixie was the maid of honor, joined by fellow flight attendants Keisha, Peggy Sue, and Jennifer. Bill's best man Brad was joined by Hassari, Ryan, and Bob. Everyone looked wonderful and there were only a few tears, but a lot of smiles and laughter. Brenda, as always, looked stunning and was escorted by our good friends Tim and Robert, and I finally had the honor of walking my daughter down the aisle and joining her and Bill's hands. After the ceremony, we had an outdoor reception, then moved indoors for the dinner and dancing. Kim and Bill made a beautiful couple as they started things off with the Bride and Groom's dance, and things quickly got crazy (in a fun way) as flight attendants and wine began to mix. The DJ did a professional job in mixing music that everyone could enjoy, and at least one of the trio of wedding planners was always in the background making sure everything kept on track. The dinner was everything we expected, and was topped off by a delicious piece of wedding cake. It's amazing that all the pieces came together so well; beautiful ceremony, great reception, wonderful friends and new family, especially our new son-in-law! Bill's a great young man with a tremendous future ahead of him - our best to the newlyweds, now honeymooning in Hawaii. Congratulations again to them and thanks to all of you for sharing in our great event!

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